Single Serve Street Art


Single Serve Street Art is Cult 33’s reaction to and commentary on the state of street art as it is today.

Street art emerged from the underground and became a mainstream phenomenon and has gone from meaning unsanctioned art in public places to a style of art that can begin and end on canvas.

What makes a street artist and what makes street art authentic? Is it years spent perfecting your craft on the streets? Is it adhering to a specific style or medium in order to create your work? Is it the tools you use to create your art? Is a street artist’s validity based on their presence on the streets or on social media? Is a street artist deserving of credit because of how hard and long they’ve worked in the streets or how famous they are, to begin with? Who has the right to validate a street artist? Other artists? The art appreciators?

Single Serve Street Art invites you to answer those questions. Creating a shoplike environment in which any aspiring vandal can come and purchase a street art kit, Cult 33 equips you with the tools to decide for yourself.

A comment on the commercialism of street art and the vague line that exists on what makes a street artist, Single Serve Street art offers an interactive shopping experience to be taken seriously or with a chip of paint.

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