You Killed Me First

Crawling out of the dirt and filth of pop culture ranging from the 1970’s to today, You Killed Me First took his creative energy to the streets in early 2010.
An onslaught of street art followed. Themes ranging from cult icon Lung Leg from the Richard Kern film which the artist got his name, to slightly supernatural and mystical pieces. His bastardized Disneyland Haunted Mansion pieces mixed with odes to punk rock or 90’s fashion prove nothing is sacred.
His Lost Bottle Project takes found beer and wine bottles off the streets of Las Vegas which he then cleans and relabels. He then returns them to the street where they stand with bold statements questioning anyone who may see them. The subtlety of the bottle left out in the streets again to be found, coupled with the fearless messages on the labels makes this project particularly intriguing.
YKMF’s sharp wit and ability to take pop culture and counterculture ideas and re-appropriate them to his own twisted and dark humor has kept him a wild card both out in the streets or confined to canvas.
His fine art takes these street pieces to another level. Sometimes making them look even more distressed and abused than the weathered pasters on the streets. Often a piece will look completely deteriorated, but it will have been elevated with gloss or gold leaf, looking like found relics of another era.
There is no predictability with You Killed Me First’s art, but you know it when you see it.
YKMF has been featured in multiple art blogs as well as Las Vegas Weekly, LA Taco and other publications.
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