Las Vegas artist SNIPT has made a mark over the last few years with his pop culture mashups that visually appeal to the casual viewer, while offering social commentary that tends to hit hard. His works contain many layers from the collaged backgrounds that tie the central mashups together, to the seamless combination of multiple elements that makes final pieces look familiar, yet quite different than what the viewer remembers.
2016 has brought a directional change to the style that many have come to know. While previously combining multiple figures to create a singular mashup, his focus has turned to taking a singular individual, and juxtaposing many personal elements of that figure to create a multifaceted collage mashup. The resulting imagery aims to expose the many sides and public personalities of an individual, as well as the visible opening of the inner eye. 2017 will bring forth a collection of this large scale series to galleries to galleries that will soon be announced.
SNIPT has had his works shown in galleries and on the streets of such U.S. cities as Los Angeles, Manhattan, Miami, San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Las Vegas. SNIPT was a part of the Lil Art Bodega Collective that presented an installation at the 2015 at Life Is Beautiful Festival, had work showcased at ComicCon NYC, and was a selected artist to exhibit at Art Basel in 2015 as a part of the Fearless Artist Pop Up Show.
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