There She Is

There She Is has a lot of different artistic influences. Different themes, images and ideas all attempt to hold their own in her work. Slightly morbid and slightly humorous, her art dives into ideas of iconography, nature, portraiture, and pop culture of multiple generations. Sometimes working with found objects and combines, she attempts to give a nod to the neo dadaist of the 1950s while still adding her own voice with her caricature-esque painting style.
Big colors and deep shading are characteristics of her work. “Painting is not just about getting to the ending image, but it is the act of painting itself which is the gratifying part of the work for me.”
TSI began creating street art in Los Angeles in 2010 with her significant other and artistic partner, You Killed Me First. She took her fine art background and morphed it into transitory works on paper that could be pasted in the streets. Each piece has been hand painted and cared for, making them stand out on the streets as works of art. “I enjoy putting the time into creating a piece of art and then sending it out into the world. Unlike an art gallery, it is unsafe out there in the streets. Some get painted over by morning, others last few weeks deteriorating over time. I love the lack of control you have, they way you have to let go of something you’ve created.”
She received praise for her street work and has been featured on multiple street art blogs, also being listed in the Huffington Posts “Best Los Angeles Street Art of 2012”.
Now residing in Las Vegas, There She Is and her “artner” You Killed Me First continue to create street art as well as fine art.
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