Cult 33 invades the UNLV Art Department!


There She Is Art & YKMF recently had the pleasure of being asked to sit-in and critique Ed Fuentes’ UNLV class. We had such an amazing time talking and sharing, the ideas and designs the students had were beyond expectation! Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

I’ll let the words from Paint This paint a better picture, thanks again!!!

“When you critique a project that uses street art themes, bring in the vandals. Sage Sage and Shawn Gatlin held court with my Tuesday-Thursday evening 2D Basic class at UNLV The images created by the students are based on responses to campus safety, and safety in general (and a few other topics). Each artist pitched their concept, then the image was seen, comments, then a revised version shown that demonstrated how fundamentals can make an abstract idea stronger. They all nailed it. The pieces will be seen during UNLV College of Fine Arts Annual Art Walk in undisclosed locations.”

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