The Foolish Mortal shirt!


Foolish Mortal: This You Killed Me First design combines images of the infamous Haunted Mansion wallpaper and the shadowy hand from The Haunted Clock scene to form a skull and crossbones design. (Why should Pirate’s get all the skulls anyway?!) Surrounded by spiderwebs and little details from Rolly Crump’s classic wallpaper, with “Foolish Mortals” on top and The Ghost Host’s warning. “Of course, there’s always my way.” on bottom. This shirt will carry you into the moldering sanctum of the spirit world and will accommodate S to 2XL. For a limited time only!…

You Killed Me First will make the Foolish Mortal shirt available once again,
but you have to wait til October Friday the 13th. Click here for more info…
Make final arrangements now! We’ve been dying to have you!

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