Dan45’s work can be described as a culmination of images and ideas that he has been bombarded with as a child, expressed in a colorful and whimsical format to bring nostalgia and a child-like sense of wonderment to our adult lives.
Paintings ranging from cartoon characters, comic book, and movie references to his own original monsters and characters. Pizza, Coke, and cupcakes are another huge influence and reoccur in many of Dan45’s pieces. His art is often found on canvas, cassette tapes or cut out of wood to create unique texture and depth.
Dan45 has worked with various galleries in Las Vegas and California. He has done many conventions over the years including Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, Designer Con, Salt Lake City Comic Con, and SuperToyCon. He has also had the pleasure of working on projects for Nike and Life is Beautiful. You can also find his artwork on the streets across the Northwest, usually in the form of small wood cutouts.


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